Jay Roberts together with Valentino Medici

The stylish series, Diary of and Escort, continues with Joe Roberts playing the high class hustler and international escort. His best clients are married men, he knows how to please them and he always gets the extras he craves from the job. His appointment tonight is with randy stud sultry Valentino Medici, a bearded, straight acting stallion with a lust for tough guys and hard sex.

It starts slowly with gentle kissing, and nipple play, just what the client wanted, but soon Jay is delving into the back of Valentino’s pants, his client also wants fucking and fucking hard, but not yet. First he kneels, takes out Jay’s uncut eight inch rock-hard cock and gets his mouth to work on it. The client gets his face well fucked, he wants that meat inside him, he likes to be treated bad as Jay pounds his straight face, bangs the back of his throat with his cock. And then, when he’s been driven wild with anticipation, our top escort orders his client named, rims his ass, gets him warm and wet and ready.

Valentino gets Jay’s cock wet, sucks it more, before being flipped on his back on the bed and having that hustler’s hard pole drive deep inside his yearning ass. Jay gives it to him deep and hard, just like he wants it. Doggy style, legs in the air, on his side, sitting on it, Valentino just can't get enough hot cock inside him. His own dick is fit for bursting, his nuts screaming out for release as his ass takes the pounding he’s paying for. Finally he shoots his thick wad and Jay sprays masses of come over his trick in a noisy, gasping climax that leaves them both exhausted.

Men Of Uk with Jay Roberts

Jizz Orgy with Men Of Uk pornstar jay Roberts

The Drill Sergeant is a hot orgy series from the site Jizz Orgy. This scene is part 3 of the serie. Drill Sergeant Paul Walker is just accompanied by Sergeant Paddy O’Brian in the 3rd show of “The Drill Sergeant”. And it’s an orgy! Hot pornstar Dean Phoenix and extremely beautiful Scott Hunter are the bottoms for Paddy, Paul and Jay Roberts

Jay Roberts and Taylor Scott

Taylor Scott appears to possess some sexual performance element regarding the job and has now been called to Jay Roberts’ business office to discuss about matter. Jay consents to let Taylor off with a stern warning – and a hard penis up his back door – if he can keep it silent

Jay Roberts and Mike Colucci

Just love when things goes fetish. Mike Colucci performs as the slave to master Jay Roberts at a sensual cloaked fairy tale for MEN.COM’s “Drill My Hole” niche site. Mike’s breathtaking bubble ass is shagged painful and a long time by Jay’s amazing eight inch dick